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Twisted Times is about making people think through funny art and satire. Triggering snowflakes with anger issues can be fun and profitable, just ask the politicians! The goal of this series is to be one of the first NFT series on the Cardano Blockchain while employing a fun way for people within the community to laugh, think and solve puzzles together with a reward available to the first to unlock all of the seed words.

Each NFT in the series will contain a clue that is unlocked on purchase of the NFT. You will need all 24 clues to solve the puzzles. Once you have solved the puzzles, you should have 24 words that will unlock a wallet containing the Twisted Treasure. Once its gone, its gone. The address to the Twisted Treasure Wallet will be available so you can monitor it yourself.

Anyone who owns the NFTs in the series will have access to the clue within it. That is the idea. People will buy the NFT and sell them to buy another, etc. After the Twisted Treasure has been recovered, the cards themselves will still have value as they will be rare.

Transaction fees on Ethereum are insanely high for one. 2nd, I believe the future of Cardano is far brighter overall than other blockchains.

The clues will lead to puzzles that may take a community working together to solve, but will be solvable. The wallet, once setup, will remain until the puzzle is solved. If we have to supply some additional clues for any reason in the future, we may, but we dont expect that will need to happen.

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