Are you tired of all of the false narratives being distributed all over the interwebs trying to convince you of something you don’t believe? Are you tried of angry web warriors? Tried of people talking trash about cryptocurrency because they simply dont understand?

There are so many reasons that the Twisted Times NFT’s are being created and one of them is to empower you to fight fire with fire.

This page will be updated with Social Meme Versions of the Twisted Times NFT’s so that you can post them to social media in a conversation where they can be of use.

Not only will this help you make a point and share your ideas, but it will help promote so that others can join you in triggering snowflakes, non-believers or Karens.

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Please Drop Memes Responsibly. Try not to trigger snowflakes, those easily offended, those fearful of truth or unable to see reason. Arguing with ignorance is a losing battle as they will beat you down with with experience.

Just Right Click and Save As to download the Meme to be uploaded to your favorite conversation. Please do not alter or change the images. Copyright 2021 

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