What is Twisted Times NFTs?
Over the past 4 or 5 years I’ve seen so many things that make my head spin from the mundane to the tinfoil hat variety. Its surprising to me how few people are generally paying attention to what is going on while fewer appear to understand it yet everyone loves screaming all over social media about their opinions.

Well, watching all of this, I decided, I wanted a voice in it all too for no other than reason than to trigger the snowflakes, poke fun at the insane and vent my frustrations through the artistic abilities of artists with more talent than myself.

Is this meant to be serious? Not really. It’s me, yelling in your face and you loving it. Kind of like the World Economic Forum claiming the future will be you owning nothing but will be happy about it.

You probably aren’t going to like every card in this collection. I dont give two shits. You’ll look at them and you’ll either love them or get triggered. Either way, I win. I got you to pay attention. Some of you snowflakes may even hate the cards and buy them anyway. Why? Well, aside from the obvious value to quality NFT collections, especially the resale value of rare NFTs, you’re going to try and unlock the wallet at the end of the series…Oh, you wanna know more about that part. Ok, well, let me explain.

Every Twisted Times NFT card release auction will contain the NFT itself and once ownership of the card transfers to the winning bidders, each card will unlock a clue. There will be 24 cards in the series and 24 clues. These clues will fuck your brain up and you’ll need all of them to unlock all 24 words to the seed phrase to open up a wallet containing a lot of crypto.


20% of the final auction sale of each Twisted Times Series NFT will be dropped into the Twisted Treasure Wallet to be unlocked by the first person to solve all of the puzzles thus unlocking the 24 word seed phrase.

20% of the resale commissions from the Twisted Times Series NFTs at the time the Twisted Treasure is unlocked, will be donated to a charity of Crypto Crow’s choosing with proof disclosed on this site.

There will of course be people buying the cards, getting the clues and spreading false clues around the web to throw freeloaders off course. There will be communities of people working together to connect the clues and solve everything, swearing to split the pot between one another. All sorts of things could happen. The question is, will you be the first? Do you have what it takes? You wont be finding answers on major news media I can tell you that. Will you be able to function without mainstream media propaganda telling you what to think? Lets find out.

The Twisted Times NFT series auctions are planned to begin in May, 2021 on the Cardano blockchain.

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  1. Very impressed to see someone stepping up and delivering education of the block chain evolution in such a fun and thought provoking way. Great job!!!

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